Brief History

The history of Laos is of a great revolutionary class struggle against Western imperialism. Since its independence in 1945, and then Communist rule in 1975, Laos has continued to uphold the principles of Socialism and Proletarian rule.

In 1950, the French imperialists re-asserted control over Laos under the military leadership of Charles de Gaulle. By 1954, Laos had gained full independence away from French rule, and had then declared itself as a “constitutional monarchy”. Under the regulations of the 1954 Geneva Conference, the Communist party Pathet Lao was able to declare itself as a regime in Laos’ two northern provinces.

In 1955, the US Department of Defense created the special Programs Evaluation Office in order to try and eradicate all oppositional forces against the Laos monarchy, which included the Pathet Lao.

Due to growing conflicts between both North and South Vietnam, the Vietnam War broke out. The US came to support the Southern Vietnamese govt. against the Communist North Vietnam, with Laos, Cambodia, China and the Soviet Union siding with the North against the imperialist forces of both the US and South Vietnam.

In September 1959, North Vietnam formed Group 959, in order to help the Pathet Lao become a stronger counterforce against the Lao Royal government.

By the 1960’s, the country of Laos had fallen due to the growing conflict between the US and Vietnam. By 1968, with the help of the North Vietnamese Army, the Pathet Lao pushed forward, leading to the peace treaty between the Pathet Lao and the Laos government.

The peace treaty didn’t last, due to the Laos government demanding for the Pathet Lao to disarm themselves. So, with the help of North Vietnam, the Pathet Lao led a final battle against the government of Laos in 1975, leading to the abolishment of the Laos monarchy in November of 1975, then establishing the now Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Today, the Lao PDR have taken on the Productive Forces theory to ensure Socialist construction against Capitalist-Imperialist forces, whether it be domestic or foreign. Bilateral relations between both the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China have remained.

Among the forests of Hmong, former CIA-backed terrorist cores have hidden and waged terrorist attacks against the Lao PDR. With the help of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a major military offensive has formed to act as a counterforce against these terrorists, who were believed to be receiving funds by former Major General of the Royal Lao Army, Vang Pao (now deceased). The goal of these Hmong fighters is to restore pre-Pathet rule, which to the PDR is seen as an imperialist act of aggression.

“How can we live in Peace when they go from Village to Village murdering innocent people?” -Lao Citizen

“I lost my brother to these terrorists, just because he didnt pay them.” -Lao citizen

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