China’s relations with Laos to remain unchanged

March 25, 2013

China’s policy regarding Laos will stay the same even though the country has a new leadership, a Chinese embassy official has said.

Chief of the Political Section of the Chinese embassy to Laos, Mr Wang Hongsun, reaffirmed the Chinese government’s policy towards Laos at a press conference held at the embassy on Friday.

Mr Wang informed Lao media of the outcome of the first session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the first session of China’s 12th National People’s Congress (NPC).

“Countries in Asia remain the top priority of the comprehensive foreign policy of China as we give importance to neighbouring countries, especially Laos,” Mr Wang said.

The CPPCC and the NPC, which took place earlier this month, resulted in changes to the Chinese government, with Xi Jingping elected as the President of China and Li Keqiang as Premier Minister.

Mr Wang said that whatever generation comes to power in the Chinese government, China’s policy on Laos will not change but will strengthen because the two countries share a common ideology in which socialism is seen as the path to growth.

Laos and China established diplomatic relations in 1961. Cooperation between the two countries centres on politics, economics, trade and investment, culture and tourism.

Mr Wang reminded the audience of the basic principles of the Chinese government’s foreign policy, which includes long-term and trusting friendly relations and cooperation that benefits mutual interests.

During the previous generation of the CPPCC and NPC, annual visits by high-ranking Chinese officials to Laos became a tradition, and will take place again this year to enhance the strategic partnership between the two counties.

Mr Wang said he was confident that the new Chinese leadership would enhance China’s policy of cooperation with Laos, the details of which will be unveiled during officials’ visits to Laos.

The Chinese embassy official then answered questions from media personnel about his personal view of the new Chinese leaders’ perspective on measures against corruption.

Mr Wang observed that high-level officials who had been found to be involved in corrupt practices had been punished.

“Our leaders’ position on this kind of behaviour in any generation is the same. The steps they take are for the benefit of our people, and I am confident that the new leaders will consider tougher action against corrupt conduct so they don’t lose the people’s trust,” he said.


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