Health network covers 98% in Lao PDR

January 30, 2013

Health Minister Prof. Dr. Eksavang Vongvichit

Health network is now covered by 98% thanks to Ministry of Health implementing a health reform policy assigned by National Assembly, Health Minister Prof. Dr. Eksavang Vongvichit said yesterday.

Over the past year, Ministry of Health paid close attention to the materialization and implementation of the “Sam Sang” resolution of the 9th Party congress, or three builds, and the seventh-year socio-economic plan (2011-2015)/ As a result, the health sector have received consistent achievements.

The annual report has disclosed the quality of health service of each hospital and also dispensaries nationwide have been improved, amounting to 894 dispensaries, 130 district hospitals, 16 provincial hospitals and five main hospitals.

The private clinics have also expanded to 1,164. and private hospitals and medical centres have a total amount of 16. The traditional medicine treatment was also promoted over the past year.

He added that the last year, the ministry proactively implemented UN MDG, which advanced many sectors, such as control of communicable disease, like AIDS, TB, and Malaria, reduction of child mortality rate, and the expansion of clean water and latrine in grass root levels. Now the Ministry of Health has over 14,000 employees who have worked nationwide.

Next year’s plan, Prof. Dr. Eksavang stressed on further materializing and implementing the resolution of the 9th Party congress, that is “to make Lao citizens healthy under the implementation of health policy in line with a direction on disease prevention, prime health promotion and holding quality treatment and supply of health service nationwide, as well as implementation of a free of charge treatment for the poor and underprivileged people.”

The next plan will also focus on implementation of health strategy to be achieved by 100%, based on MDG by expanding health network access to 64 local and rural areas by equipping them with village medical staff, midwife, village medical kits, safe water supply, and latrine aiming at creating health model villages. Under the plan, the ministry will focus on improving treatment standard equaling to international standards.


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