Increased minimum labour wage benefits workers

By Vinnaly
January 8, 2013

The adjustment of minimum labour wage from 348,000 kip to 626,000 kip have significantly improved better living conditions of workers. The amendment of minimum labour pay made by Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) calculated for 80%.

In recent years, the MLSW, in cooperation with three parties and authorities concerned, have committed themselves to control and protect laborers’ rights and benefits via various approaches of monitoring and inspecting labour forces in over 2,000 business units and other projects.

The labour law has been disseminated to 255 business units and 74 conflicts have also been cleared. The MLSW has closely monitored 279 Lao labourers who worked in Thailand and suffered from floods coming back to Laos.

The ministry has so far committed a government instruction No. 3 to solve the illegal labour expatriates in Laos by appointing an in-charge committee of MLSW in cooperation with stirring committees of government to lay out an action plan for supervising local authorities at provincial level and conducted a survey. As the result, the survey has found 54,135 foreign workers in Laos, of whom 39,127 have already been registered and 15,008 have not yet been registered. MLSW has also discussed a monitoring mechanism of minimum labour cost and trained staff on labour inspection and management for Saravane province. This activity was to contribute to the strategic plan and for labourers to be better.


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