Locals agree to surrender self properties for collective benefits

December 30, 2012

Road construction efforts in Laos.

Road construction efforts in Laos.

Villagers of Phonsavang, Noy, and Napho Tai in Phonhong district, and Mai Nongkhouay and Pakcheng of Viengkham district, Vientiane province, who are directly affected by the construction of a reinforced concrete road, have agreed to surrender their properties for collective benefits.

The 12-km road will be upgraded as a four-lane road with a 16 m surface with streetlights installed on its two sides. The road stretches from Napho T-junction to Pakcheng T-junction.

More than 1,140 properties of local residents located on both sides of the road have been listed to be removed before the construction kicks off. These include 35 houses, 26 huts, 65 shop houses, walls, rice barns, wells, electric poles and residential lands.

The compensation for the lost property has been estimated at around 4.3 billion kip (approx. USD 537,000). However, Vice Governor of Vientiane province Ms. Singkham Khongsavanh said her authorities would settle the compensation for the properties of local people in a reasonable manner.

“The government will issue new land deeds to everyone who is affected from the development project for free,” added Ms. Singkham.

A villager of Phonsavanh Mr. Khonsavanh Khongpadith, whose house will be fully replaced with the new concrete road, said that he agreed to have the infrastructure development project conducted and was ready to move to another place with such a reasonable compensation from the project.



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