Activities to combat human trafficking held in Champasak

December 20, 2012

Mr. Nouchanh Chanthaphong, District Party Committee, Champasack District Governor, the shared man of running races and organizer committee of human trafficking day opening the running ceremony at Wat phu site.

To honor Anti-Human trafficking Day in Lao PDR, on 15 December 2012 the Information, Culture and Tourist Department of Champasak Province joined hands with District authorities, Village Focus International, United Nations Inter-Agency on Human Trafficking Project, UNODC and other international partners to organize a one day event to speak out the key message of human trafficking to the people in Champasak, which reached more than 700 people locally and internationally.

The event included 47 kilometer bike races early in the morning from Pakse’ to Wat Phu, follow up with 6 kilometer running races around the Wat Phu, which more than 200 people participated on the racing session.

The information booth of human trafficking, stage of the drama performance, traditional dance and singing human trafficking and child protection song from school volunteers also consists in to the event, which is aiming to raise awareness about the form and impact of human trafficking and engaging youth, community and local authorities to take action and combat human trafficking in their own community by speeding the key messages and knowledge that they learned and entertain from the event, as well as take an initiative to protect their children.

Along side with performances 1000 brochures, posters and booklets were handed out, and some audience enjoyed receiving t-shirts, ball pens and note books as memorable of human trafficking day and learn the messages.

Mr. Buathong Souvannasan, Provincial Party Committee, the Director of Information, Culture and Tourist Department of Champasak, and the shared man of organizer committee speaks at the event that “the government of Lao and provincial authorities give attention in combating human trafficking in person. We are in the process of developing legislation and measures to fight human trafficking, but we have relevant legal framework to protect Lao people, victims of human trafficking, and punishing an offender.”

In addition he also encouraged all the people to take an ownership to prevent and fight all forms of human trafficking which bring a negative impact to our country and exploit our people. He said “we should join hands and take an ownership, which start from us individually, our family, community, village, district, provincial and nation. The ownership of this should join, we must cooperate to educate our people and take an initiative to protect our family and community members as well as report of suspects of human trafficking network movement in the areas as slogan “Together we can stop human trafficking!”

Human Trafficking means the recruitment, moving, transfer, harbouring, or receipt of any person within or across national borders by means of deception, threats, use of force, debt bondage or any other means and using such person in forced labour, prostitution, pornography, or anything that is against the fine traditions of the nation, or removing various body organs of such person, or for other unlawful purposes. Penal law article 134, and on the Promulgation of the Law on Development and Protection of Women articles 24 to 28.



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