PM praises efforts towards advancement of women

By Khonesavanh Latsaphao
December 19, 2012

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong.

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong on Monday addressed the Plenary Meeting of the National Commission for the Advancement of Women (NCAW), saying he is pleased with their ongoing progress.

More than 100 participants from the NCAW including deputy ministers, provincial vice governors and ministry officials attended the meeting.

They discussed the NCAW’s plan for 2012-2013 and talked about the National Strategy for the Advancement of Women for 2011-2015.

This strategy will put into practice four breakthrough steps, the first being the development of an information system to create awareness of gender equality.

The second will support the advancement and strengthening of women’s rights.

The third will promote women in the workplace and encourage more women to seek leadership roles. The final step will be to implement Laos’ obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The annual meeting took place as the Party, state, army and other sectors are implementing the Resolution of the 9th Party Congress, the National Socio-Economic Development Plan and the implementation of Sam Sang (the Three Builds) across the country.

Mr Thongsing received a report from the NCAW about its work over the past year. He expressed satisfaction, saying the advancement of women in several sectors in local areas is progressing more quickly.

A number of women already hold senior positions in the Party and state, the Lao Front for National Construction, and several mass organisations.

The President of the National Assembly is female and several other women are members of the Party Central Committee. Women have also been appointed as ministers, deputy ministers and to other senior positions at the central and provincial levels

He also called for more awareness in society of the importance of involving more women from ethnic groups as part of the nation’s development.

The government established the National Commission for the Advancement of Women in 2003 to assist with research, policies and strategic plans aimed at promoting the advancement of women.

The commission also liaises and coordinates with counterpart bodies around the world and follows up and monitors the implementation of Party policies and national strategic plans aimed at promoting the advancement of women.

As a party to CEDAW, Laos has actively implemented its obligations to promote the advancement of women and eliminate violence against women.

Surveys show that violence against women in Laos occurs for various reasons, within families and also within some communities.


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