Statue of late revolutionary leader Ongkeo to be cast

September 4, 2012

Ongkeo’s statue mold made by craftsmen in Vientiane.

The Government plans to cast more statues of late leader “Ongkeo” to recognise his virtue to the national safeguarding when Laos was fighting for freedom from French colonialism.

An Ongkeo statue will be cast with around 4 tonnes of bronze as a symbol of public worship, particularly to La Ngae tribe in Saravane province.

Ongkeo, who belonged to La Ngae tribal group, has been considered as a great and brave leader of Laos. He dedicated most of his life to the cause of national defence.

Presently, the Daoheuangsong Bridge Construction Company was constructing Ongkeo Park on 1.2 ha in the Saravane district, Company Director Mr Khammouane Phanyasane has said.

He added that his company spent about two years collecting data on Ongkeo’s history to propose to the government for approval.

Now the company is preparing to cast the mold of the Ongkeo statue in Vientiane Capital. The cast of statue mold is expected to be completed by November this year. The bronze for casting will be imported from Korea.

After casting, the Ongkeo statue will be transported from Vientiane Capital to his hometown of Saravane province to be placed.

The cast is solely invested by the Daoheungsong Bridge Construction Company, which will be reimbursed later by the government.

“I am very happy to participate in the cast of national leader statue who dedicated his life to national protection,” said Mr. Khammouane.


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