Lao skateboarders vie to be crowned the “Fallen King”

August 14, 2012

Lao skateboard enthusiasts were thrilled at the nation’s first-ever skateboarding event titled “Fallen King of the Street” last Saturday at Liewto School in Vientiane.

Liewto School was transformed into a battleground for skateboarders both Lao and foreign last week, who were eager to be crowned “king of the street.”

There are a growing number of skateboarders in Laos and they can often be seen practising along the Mekong riverbank. Saturday’s event aimed not only at promoting the sport in Laos, but also finding talented local skateboarders to take part in a major competition in Thailand next year.

A young Lao skateboarder, Oudeth Xayalob, known as Tao said “Today is a very important day for us as a group of Lao skateboarders, to show off our skills and compete with other talented skateboarders from around Vientiane and Thailand as well. While there have previously been other small competitions organised alongside dance events or other activities, ‘Fallen King of Street’ is the first to focus entirely on skateboarding.”

Tao, 18, said he learned the sport from his older brother when he was young and developed a passion for skateboarding that endures until this day. Tao loves the feeling of exhilaration he gets from being on the board and tries to practise every day.

The Fallen King of the Street was a day-long competition and apart from the main skateboarding competition there were also showcases of other extreme sports.


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