Savannakhet focus on illiteracy reduction by 2013

By Soulaphone Kanyaphim
July 18, 2012

Savannakhet province

Savannakhet province continues implementing the MDG (Millennium Development Goal) by stressing on both quality and quantity education and health development.

Next fiscal year, the illiteracy rate is expected to be eradicated while the health sector would focus on the mortality rate of mother and child in the province. In recent years, the Provincial Party Committee and Savannakhet Administration has paid all its efforts to provide favourable conditions for the implementation of socio-economic development plans, which prioritized the rural development and poverty reduction so as to provide better livelihood of the ethnic group respectively. The most important function is to further implement the MDG, which is a great contribution to the government plan on leaving the nation out of the list of undeveloped country as fast as possible.

Head of Provincial Planning and Investment Division of Savannakhet, Mr. Khamphanh Khounsavanh said that fiscal year 2012-2013 the province will reduce poverty for 56 villages, accounting for 25.61% of a total amount of villages in the province.

As 4,359 households out of 20,740 with living under the poverty line are target of the province. This number is covered by 14.53%. The education development and health across the province will be further expanded by increasing enrollment rate for primary school students to 96%, 67% of lower secondary school students and 43.5% of upper secondary school students, said Mr. Khamphanh. While the mortality rate of infants will be reduced.

The province also will pay attention in supplying safe water to be achieved by 98.3% and 63.35 % of latrine to local people. The literacy promotion campaign for people aged between 15 and 40s would be achieved by 100% and age above 15 to be completed at least 90%, according to the provincial plan.


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