Women speak out on violence against women and children

By Somxay Sengdara
July 17, 2012

Ms. Pany Yathortou addresses the seminar.

Lao women have vowed to increase measures to prevent violence towards women and children, by raising more laws and regulations ensuring their protection.

Lao National Assembly President Ms Pany Yathortou has urged Lao women to strongly support the idea yesterday when addressing a seminar on enhancing the Lao woman’s traditional identity.

“Women’s organisation leaders at all levels, the Lao National Commission for the Advancement of Women and the Lao Women Parliamentarians Caucus should help in turning the Party directives towards laws concerning the rights to protection of all women and children,” she said.

The seminar is organised by the Lao Women’s Union every year, with the aim of sharing opinions among women from ministries, orgnisations, and those in retirement in Vientiane. It examined their role in the national mission, in the family, in protecting the national culture, the significance of their gender, their advancement, and their protection.

Ms Pany called for more action against careless and disrespectful attitudes towards women and all forms of discrimination against them, violation of their rights, and violence against them. She referred to the frequent and widespread poor conduct in some parts of society, especially in relation to the family.

She reminded the seminar participants of the report from the people’s courts delivered at the Third Session of the National Assembly, which ranked divorce cases as being among the most frequent cases they were hearing.

Also, the Vientiane People’s Court reported last year that divorces were third among civil cases, accounting for a staggering 70 percent of all cases in some capital districts. The effects of globalisation are changing traditional attitudes, leading to the undermining of the national culture and opening the door to infidelity.

According to the National Assembly president, the Lao Women Parliamentarians Caucus, in cooperation with the Lao Women’s Union, the Lao National Commission for Advancement of Women, and the relevant ministries will draft a law on the prevention of violence towards women and children next year.

Ms Pany recommended the Lao Women’s Union assess the need for further drafting of new laws concerning the rights of women and children, saying that she believes more laws are necessary.

Besides enhancing their role in society and on the political stage, the National Assembly President has also called on Lao women to maintain the good image of the national culture and customs.

She called on the authorities to create conditions and opportunities for women’s improvement in childcare and family life, which would also contribute to their development.

The Lao Women’s Union President, Ms Sisay Leudetmounsone, also attended the seminar which marked the 57th anniversary of the Union on July 20.


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