Vientiane: Almost 500 villages access electricity

By Soulaphone Kanyaphim
July 13, 2012

The Nam Ngum hydropower plant in Vientiane, Laos.

Over 75,160 out of a total number of 88,980 families in 497 villages of Vientiane province have reportedly gained access to permanent electricity.

The accessible electricity of families accounted for 84.4% and 98.4% of total villages, said Head of Energy and Mines Division of Vientiane province, Mr. Khambong Khonesavanh.

A total number of 505 villages across the province are expected to have access to electricity in 2015.

While more than 330 villages with 75,160 families in Hom district, a rural area use solar cell system.

However, the Provincial Energy and Mines Division puts an effort to extend power grid networks to 505 villages in 2015 to ensure the number of the electricity consumers to be covered by 95% of families in the province.

Vientiane has a high potential for hydropower development plants thanks to its location with many rivers.

This positive factor is in line with the socio-economic development plan of the province in 2011-2015 with provincial plan for electricity generation of 1,500 MW.

Presently, Vientiane province has only 970 MW supplying from hydropower plants of Nam Ngum 1, 2, Namlek, Nam Mang 3 and Nam Leuk.

To meet the provincial fruitful plant with 1,500 MW by 2015, the province will further promote an investment policy.

Now the construction of Nam Ngum 3 hydropower plant with capacity generation of 460MW, Longchaeng area (Saysomboun) is underway.

The feasibility studies for more than 16 hydropower plants construction in the province have already been allowed.


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