Party seeks to bolster propaganda at grassroots level

February 3, 2012

Mr Cheuang Sombounkhanh speaks at the meeting.

The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party will strengthen the dissemination of information and educate the public nationwide about its ideology, directions, policies, and achievements.

The Party Central Committee’s Propaganda and Training Board yesterday opened a meeting to outline the plan for propaganda and training for officials from ministries, provinces, and various government agencies.

“Our plan is to educate all Lao people about our policies and directions, including target groups and people at the grassroots level,” Head of the Propaganda and Training Board Mr Cheuang Sombounkhanh said when opening the meeting.

During the meeting which began yesterday and ends today, participants will review the lessons learned from past years, outline the plan and focus of propaganda and training to be undertaken between now and 2015, and discuss the most effective form of implementation.

The main focuses include the study and implementation of the Resolution adopted by the 9th Party Congress, lectures, political ideology training, cooperation and use of the media, improving the quality of the board’s magazines Khosana and Aloun Mai, properly understanding public opinion, and improving propaganda and training at all levels.

Regarding propaganda lectures, the board will improve documentation and document content to meet government aims and targets, and support the focuses of the Party and government.

The board will accelerate the establishment of mobile propaganda and training teams with the necessary equipment, especially at the district level, in order to penetrate grassroots communities. The board believes that this is one of the main areas where there have been deficiencies in the past, and the policies and intent of the government were not reaching the people.

The board will conduct short-term theoretical training courses for Party and government officials at all levels, including Party members at the district level, village heads and all those involved in village management.

Pertaining to the media, the board will actively use all media networks at the central and provincial levels to disseminate the Party’s guidelines and government policies nationwide. When there are events of national significance, the board will work with the media to ensure that government messages are heard by the people.

At a briefing which took place on the sidelines of the meeting, Propaganda and Training Board Deputy Head Mr Sisouk Philavong told media personnel the board realised the importance of the voice of society and to this end has established a new department to study public concerns and opinions, and respond to criticism.

The board will disseminate the guidance statements of Party Secretary General Choummaly Sayasone made at the 3rd Congress of Political Grassroots and Inclusive Rural Development, regarding the future direction of development, the nation and the people.


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