Party Secretary General visits Sayaboury to boost village development

January 23, 2012

Comrade Choummaly Sayasone

(KPL) Comrade Choummaly Sayasone, Secretary General of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and President of the Lao PDR visited on 18 January a northern province of Sayaboury.

Comrade Choummaly Sayasone and his entourage was warmly welcomed by Mr. Lien Thikeo, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and governor of Sayaboury province, his senior officials and people of Sayaboury province.

Comrade Choummaly Sayasone and his entourage which was accompanied by Mr. Lien Thikeo then visited Sasathane district where they were briefed about the social-economic development made in the past few years by the district authorities from Mr. Vongkeo Luangsamphanh, Chief of Sasathane district. He also briefed Comrade Choummaly Sayasone on his district activities on political building and integrated rural development at the grass root level. The implementation of the Politburo decree no.03 on village development and village cluster building was also reported to the President’s delegation.

Sasathane district has just built two years ago and it is 11th districts of the Sayaboury province. The total area of the district is 954 square meter with 21 villages and 2174 families. The main job of the people here is a rice planting and animal raising while the crop planting is their subsidiary work.

On this occasion, Comrade Choummaly Sayasone also provided advice for building up Party membership and improving its organization. He urged the local cadres to provide firm guidance for Sayaboury. He also asked the provincial party committee to pay more attention on implementing the 9th Party Congress resolution.

The Lao leader also urged all party members of the province to concentrate all their work to address the poverty problem for the people by upgrading their knowledge on community development and leading people in trade production.

Comrade Choummaly Sayasone also presented consumer goods, educational materials and 50 million Kip to the authority of Sasathane district.


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