Lao and Chinese govts honor revolutionary leaders with statues

January 10, 2012

A monument statue in Vieng Xay, Lao PDR to the Pathet Lao resistance against Western imperialism.

The government will build statues of seven Lao revolutionary leaders in honour of their efforts to repel enemy forces during the Indochina War.

The Pathet Lao daily newspaper reported yesterday that the statues will be erected in each leader’s home province.

Statues of Nouhak Phoumsavanh and Mr Phoun Sipaseuth will be installed in Savannakhet province, Phoumy Vongvichit’s in Xieng Khuang province, and Sisomphone Lorvanxay’s in Borikhamxay province. The statues will measure 3.9 metres in height.

A statue of Sithon Kommadam will be placed in Champassak province and of Faidang Lorbiayao and Touya Xaychou in Xieng Khuang province. These statues will be 3.5 metres high.

The Lao and Chinese governments will be responsible for creating the statues.

An agreement for the project was signed in Vientiane last week by Kaysone Phomvihane Museum Committee Deputy Head Bounkhian Soulivong and an expert from China, Cheng Bing.

Bounkhian told Vientiane Times yesterday the statues will represent the lifetime achievements of the revolutionary leaders and will set an example and provide inspiration for future generations. They will also remind people of the wisdom and sacrifices of these brave men and shed more light on this important period of Lao history.

It will take four months to build the statues. Under the agreement, Laos will fund 50 percent of the cost of the project and the Chinese will invite Lao officials to give their opinion on the proposed design of the statues.


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2 thoughts on “Lao and Chinese govts honor revolutionary leaders with statues

  1. charles voo

    Lao is Lao why Lao has two flag, one is Lao Flag the other one is former soviet flag, now soviet
    already change their flag, maybe Lao will be soviet lao or a province to the russia

    • Not necessarily true. The Lao PDR carries two flags, not to represent two countries, but to better represent themselves on both a national and ideological level. Nationally, they are the independent Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Ideologically, they are a Socialist nation.

      The Soviet Union carried a similar flag because they, also, adhered to the same ideology: socialism. In a era of imperialism, national flags signify the independence of said nation from that of imperialism; It marks them as a free and sovereign nation. The hammer and sickle flag, on the other hand, signifies its internationalism; it signifies its unity with that of the rest of socialist nations against a capitalist-imperialist globe.

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