Govt promotes advancement of women for national development

January 3, 2012

The government has reaffirmed its intention to promote gender equality by responding to the needs of women of all ethnicities who are eager to develop themselves and participate in all sectors of the country’s development.

This was the message delivered by Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong at a meeting on Thursday to discuss the draft National Strategy for the Advancement of Women for the period 2011-2015.

Mr Thongsing said the transformation of Laos into a prosperous state would not be possible without a strong contribution from women, who make up more than half of the country’s population.

“I urge all government sectors to enhance their responsibility in implementing the Party’s policy regarding equality between men and women and to respond to the needs of Lao women,” he said.

Promoting the advance-ment of women and sustaining their livelihoods must be conducted in parallel with addressing all obstacles that hinder women’s development, the Prime Minister said.

The relevant sectors need to give women the means to develop themselves in terms of character, revolutionary spirit, knowledge and capacity, on the same level as men.

If more women have access to further education, many more can be employed in higher government positions, both at the local and central levels.

“I’m proud that the National Strategy for the Advancement of Women from 2011-2015 has stipulated goals and targets to promote the advancement of women and address their problems,” Mr Thongsing said.

He called on all sectors to study the potential and circumstances of Laos before formulating detailed projects to realise the national strategy, to ensure the effectiveness of the projects involved.

Mr Thongsing said he appreciated past achievements in promoting the advancement of women and encouraging gender equality, which enabled more women to work in executive and leadership roles within the Party and government.

He also observed that more women are working in the business sector, which contributes to the growth of the economy.

As Laos is a party to international conventions that concern women, all the relevant sectors need to work harder to create awareness among society of the need to prioritise work that relates to gender equality.

The PM urged all sectors to fight all forms of discrimination and violation against women and children in Laos, while working to ease the poverty of women and improve their livelihoods.

The government is committed to realising the Millennium Development Goals, one of which is to promote gender equality and enhance the role of women in development.

The Resolution of the 9th Party Congress approved in March this year clearly stipulates Laos’ intention to promote the advancement of women by ensuring they have better opportunities to obtain a higher education.

If women are better educate d, they can better contribute to national protection and development and lift Laos from least developed country status by 2020.


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