Development village established, a key to overcome poverty, advises President

January 3, 2012

President Choummaly Sayasone awards medals to districts that have successfully reduced poverty of their residents

(KPL) A strategic measure on sending officials working in the grass-root level will be further implemented by focusing on enlarging rural integrated development and to be higher effect as well as the establishment of development village.

The poverty was an unavoidable issue that we should overcome next five years so as to accomplish the UN millennium development goal as scheduled by 2015. This was a comment of the President Choummaly Sayasone to the output of building of political grass-root and integrated rural development over the past five years, at last day of the 3rd nationwide meeting on political grass-root building and rural integrated development, last Friday.

“The political grass-root building and rural integrated development has reflected the fine tradition of the Party and Government, which ensured the growth of Party and people democratic regime of our people,” according to President Choummaly’s conclusion. “The growth of Party has generated from the dedication of ethnic people.”

Therefore, the rural development and improvement of living conditions of local people and livelihood of people in rural areas has featured the honesty of the Party and Government to the supported people nationwide to the revolutionary mission under the leadership of the Party, he praised the outstanding achievements over the past five years of the political grass-root building and rural integrated development.

He has also urged all participants to further expand the infrastructure as a significant key for agriculture production and improvement of living conditions for rural people and promote potential sources of all business parties to participate all sectors along with proper policy.

To continue the development and mobilization of potential production sources in each focal area so as to bring science and new technique into the production of farmers along with integrated agriculture and stabilize the foodstuff relying on their localities, President advised.

Last five years, lots of outstanding accomplishments thanks to the close attention of Party and Government on expansion of integrated rural development and poverty reduction, significantly contributing to the two strategies of national defence and development as well as new mechanism.

So far, all sectors at localities have held significant to the economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood as a centre of grass-root work and integrated rural development, which increased volume of investment into the political grass-root building and integrated rural development in 47 poorest districts, 25 poor districts and rural and remote areas.

The increased investment project included the construction and improved national strategic roads from northern to central areas and strategic roads access to the East, roads along common border in some area in coincide with the road expansion in rural, mountainous and revolutionary strongholds areas.

The proportion of poor people nationwide decreased constantly from 33.5% in 2003 to 21% in 2010.

From 2006 till now, the infrastructure of socio-economic development has been significantly improved, which established 1,674 standing development villages, of which more than 9,500 were outstanding families.

To fulfill the resolution of 9th Party Congress on poverty reduction of people and lift the nation out of at least developed country and development millennium development goals by 2020.

Under the plan, the political grass-roots building and integrated rural development will be further implemented, based on the instruction of Politburo member committee and government by focusing on alleviation of poverty in focal areas.

The Party and Government will pay their efforts to reduce the poverty rate to minimize over 19% of total population nationwide. The number of poor villages will be reduced from 3,175 to less than 900 villages.

Savannakhet province was classified the top rank of poor families, accounting to 28,807 families, followed by Oudomsay and Houaphanh provinces while Vientiane Capital ranked at the bottom list.

The meeting has drawn the leaders of Party and Government, line ministries and representatives from over 140 districts countrywide.

A three-day meeting was to review the implementation of poverty reduction programme, political grass-roots building and integrated rural development over the past five years and set a next-five year plan (2011-2015).

All delegates nationwide have shared ideas directly and exchanged lessons on poverty reduction, political grass-roots building and integrated rural development to ensure the implementation of four breakthrough of Party, particularly the poverty reduction and achieve the UN millennium goal was set by 2015.


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