Construction of Hongsa thermal power plant kicks off

November 20, 2011

Construction site of Hongsa thermal power plant.

(KPL) The construction of first thermal power plant generated by lignite in Lao PDR, located in Hongsa district, Sayaboury province expects to commence today, according to a groundbreaking ceremony of its construction.

The Hongsa thermal power plant, a 10km far from Hongsa downtown and about 30 km from Lao-Thai border costs almost US$4 billion.

Hongsa thermal power plant is able to generate 1,878 MW or 12,582GWh/year. Upon completion of construction work by 2015, 1,473 MW out of its total output of electricity will be sold to Thailand with approximately 5-7 Thai baht/KW through the 500KV-transmission line, is a 67-km stretch from the plant via Xienghon district to Lao-Thai border and a 250-km stretch from border to Maemor electricity network in Thailand.

More 100 MW generated by the Hongsa thermal power plant will be connected through 115 KV-power grid of Electricite du Laos to the northern part of Laos. This section will run 115 km from the Xieng-gneun sub-station, Luang Prabang province.

The rest of 75 MW will be used in the Hongsa thermal power plant.


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