Houaphanh shares effective lessons on poverty reduction with Champassak

By Vinnaly
June 27, 2011

Xam Neua, capital city of Houaphanh Province, Laos.

(KPL) The authorities of Houaphanh province went to visit Champassak province to exchange lessons and share experiences on effective administration of Poverty Reduction Fund.

The delegation of Houaphanh province consists of Chief, Deputy Chief of Houaphanh district, officials of Grass-root Construction Office, Rural Integrated Development Office, villages cluster in five districts.

Main objective was to study, exchange mutual experiences on achieved projects of Champassak province, and deeply understand on the process of rural development and poverty reduction and even the work means of Poverty Reduction Fund.

During the visit, Houaphanh delegation has visited the construction activities under the financial support of Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) and they were interested in the administration of all activities undertaken by Champassak province ranging from administration of funds to the benefit of completed projects.

After visiting, two sides held a discussion mirroring village group of achieved experiences in administration of fund.

The delegation went to visit Bachieng district where they have learned experience on gravity-fed water control in Meung village, in primary school of Lomsak Neua village which has been done by local people.

They have visited a rural road improvement project in Nachan village.


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