Party, Govt always pay attention to women and children’s rights protection

June 2, 2011

(KPL) Women and children’s rights promotion as well as all round-development of women and children is a general duty of society and a part is inseparable, said Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong, yesterday, on the celebration of International Children’s Day (1 June) and National Arbour Day.

The Party and Government have so far paid actively co-operation with international community to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals on Promotion of Women and Children’s Health by 2015, according to Premier Thongsing’s speech on 31 May, representing Government and Lao National Committee for Mother and Child to mark the International Children’s Day.

The Party and Government always take care of women and children’s health through all round-development approach including the protection of women and children’s rights and benefit, which was a priority placing national policy.

The Government increases the proportion of investment in society every year by focusing on taking care of mother and children’s health, which was the first priority including the vaccination and dropping campaign for women and children, a main work and centred-health care of primary aid for women and children have been widely given public health service along with the education as a central for human resource development.

Mr Thongsing promised the Government would continue to focus on the development of human resources by increasing spending in education sector.

In recent year the formal education system has expanded into rural areas, resulting in enrolment rates increasing from 84.2 per cent in 2005-6 to 93 percent in 2009-10.

The government has also focused on projects that enable children from various ethnic groups, disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities to access quality education.

The government has also expanded child protection networks at the community level, as well as opening centres that provide advice on issues related to child protection in seven provinces.

In recent years, the government has created opportunities for children to attend activities both at home and abroad, to share opinions and cultures with those in other nations so they can increase their understanding and develop their talents.

PM advised parents to give their children nutritious food and to breastfeed babies exclusively for the first six months of life. He also used the occasion to urge friendly nations and international organizations to cooperate and assist Laos to achieve its MDGs by 2015.


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