Over 10,000 adults in Khammouane are literate

By Vinnaly
May 28, 2011

Khammouane province, Laos

(KPL) Sebangfai and Yommalath districts in Khammouane province has recently been announced as literate districts after more than 13,000 adults, aged 15-40 completing in the basic of education at the level of primary school.

This leads to the two districts while Sebangfai is the 4th district of Khammouane province has been announced as literate district, said Head of Sebangfai Education Office, Mr Lotvilay Chanthanouvong.

Sebangfai district is divided into seven development groups in 45 villages with the population of 25,835, of whom 13,500 are women and 5,000 families. Most of them are tribes of Laolum, Phouthai and Makong.

People in Sebangfai live in plateau and rely on subsistence agriculture farming, accounting for 90 per cent and the rest are businessmen.

Sebangfai district has 38 primary schools and five primary schools teaching years 1 to 4 with more than 4,000 students. The school rate attendance stood at 95.56 per cent as the class dropping rate is at 0.17 per cent. More than 180 teachers, of whom 76 are women, are teaching in these schools.

The numbers of adults, amounting to 12,284 people, of whom 6,173 are women, have reportedly been graduated from the primary school. In this amount, Sebangfai district has been able to announce literacy district at the level of primary school.

While 1,478 adults out of total population of 30,107 in Yommalath district has also classified as the literacy people.

Most of them graduated from primary school, according to Head of Yommalath Education Office, Khammouane province, Mr. Khamlai Phanthulath.


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