More than 100 poor and good students receive scholarships

May 19, 2011

A small group of many of Laos' educational youth.

(KPL) One-hundred and twenty-five poor and good students of National University of Laos were awarded scholarships, on 18 May.

‘The classification of students has been considered from their good behaviours and families conditions,’ said National University of Laos’s (NUoL) Vice Dean, Prof. Dr. Somsy Gnorphanxay.

The scholarships have been awarded by Japanese Yamada Organisation (77 scholarships), Lao Telecom (30 scholarships) and A & H Fuji-Moto Foundation (18 scholarships).

Awarding ceremony was held at the Dongdok campus NUoL, on Wednesday drawing scholarship donors, relevant officials and NUoL’s students. Prof. Dr. Somsy who is also a chairman of Scholarship Foundation has explained that these scholarships are importance for students who are active study and also encourage them paying more attention to the study and they will be future human resource for national development.

Yamada Organisation has awarded scholarships to NUoL since 1994, A&H Fuji-Moto Foundation since 1999 while Lao Telecom just started last year.


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