Over 30,000 families in rural areas to access electricity by 2014

By Malaylack
May 16, 2011

(KPL) More than 30,000 families in seven provinces of Borikhamsay, Khammouane, Savannakhet, Saravane, Sekong, Champassack and Attapue are expected to be accessible to electricity by 2014.

The installation work of low and medium voltage of electricity, and transformers is worth of over 80 billion kip. This is second phases of rural electricity expansion project.

Mr. Khammany Inthalat, Director of Electricite du Lao (EDL) said that the project is based on the implementation of Party’s direction on rural electricity extension, aiming at reducing poverty to ensure the use of electricity for agriculture productivity, handicraft, irrigation and promotion of modernised industrial productivities.

The project will install low voltage network system with installed generation capacity of about 900,000 MW and 1.8 million MW of medium voltage network in seven targeted provinces, said Mr. Khammany.

He added that the rural electricity extension project, one out of many prioritised projects of the Lao PDR, which has been approved to achieve in 2020.

The EDL will focus on increasing electricity generation by 80% of households nationwide in 2015 and 90 per cent in 2020.

An agreement on electricity and transformer installation project was signed in Vientiane on May 12 between Director of EDL, Mr. Khammany Inthalat and Acting Director of Electricity Installation and Construction Enterprise, Mr Amphone Phommalath.


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