Public turn out for NA election with enthusiasm

May 1, 2011

Vote casting by Khamhoung villagers, Saythany district, Vientiane Capital

(KPL) General public members in Vientiane Capital who turned out for casting votes in the general election to the National Assembly to form its seventh five-year legislature were enthusiastic about their voting for people representatives.

“I am enthusiastic,”said Chanthavy Sengthammavong, 41, Khamhoung villager. “I want they to pay more attention to living condition of the people,” Ms. Chanthavy said when asked what her expectation from the people representative was when they were seated at the National Assembly.

“Compared to the previous election, this time sees more enthusiastic atmosphere because we pay more attention to publicizing the Party and government policy on the election and public participation in voting for their representatives is more increasing,” said Phakhao village head Bountham Phommavanh.

He said that his village opened the ballot box for the people to cast their votes at 6.30 am but his team would try to finish vote counting before nine or ten pm.

Mr. Sangkhom Phomphakdy

“We would like to have road in our village developed as some alleys have a lot of potholes, and to have social problems such as burgling and drug abuse resolved as our village is populous and the number of unemployment is relatively high,” said Chansavang village head, Mr. Somchith Champathong, when asked what his expectation from the people representative was.

“I was the first to be at this polling station in Siengyuen village for the election. This is a landmark in the history. I am proud of being Laotian and of having casted my vote,” said Mr. Sangkhom Phomphakdy, Siengyuen villager.

“Through studying the profiles of candidate, I learn that they are qualified and have knowledge and are competent at different levels. We are required to choose 15 candidates so that we have to discard six of them and we consider how they are suitable,” said Mr. Sangkhom.


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