Media work for people with disabilities discussed

March 31, 2011

(KPL) The Ministry of Information and Culture in cooperation with the National Committee on People with Disabilities held a meeting to discuss media participation in people with disabilities affairs in Vientiane on March 30.

‘The mass media play an important role in publicising people with disabilities affairs, rights and gives them an access to information,’ said Mr. Khanthong.

‘The National Radio has held a training course for people with disabilities on radio reporting and the Lao Press in Foreign Languages has trained them in computer usage. The news media organisations have disseminated the activities of people with disabilities,’ said Mr. Khanthong.

‘We need the mass media to pay more attention to publicise the activities of people with disabilities, their equal rights,’ said Mr. Khanthong.

Office Head of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Mr. Khanthong Manodham, urged the media practitioners to pay attention to media activities for people with disabilities.

‘I would like to learn that people with disabilities access to high education and participate in decision making as normal people and there is no discrimination between normal people and people with disabilities,’ said President of the National People with Disabilities Association, Mr. Bounvien Louanggnord.


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