Solid Party foundation at grass-roots level: a decisive driving force for development

By Souksakhone Vaenkeo
March 21, 2011

Dr Lien Thikeo.

It is obvious that the Party’s formula of focusing on work to establish and strengthen political foundations at the grass-roots level is effective and efficient in achieving development, alleviating poverty and removing Laos from the UN list of least developed nations by 2020.

The unique formula has been highlighted as successful after several central organisations and local agencies reported that they have recorded positive changes after implementing the concept at the five-day 9th Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party that ended yesterday.

In its effort to strengthen national solidarity and make use of centralised manpower to develop the nation, the Party has attached great importance to the establishment and consolidation of political foundations at the grass-roots level. The concept was notably enshrined in the resolution adopted at the 8th Party Congress.

To realise the formula, central ministries and local organisations have translated the concept into detailed plans of action by sending more officials, Party members and cadres to work at the grass-roots level and lead the implementation of the Party’s guidelines.

At the 9th congress, member of the 9th Party Central Committee and Party Secretary of Xayaboury province Dr Lien Thikeo said the provincial Party Committee has paid close attention to strengthening political foundations and Party building at the grass-roots level in order to consolidate the political system from the lowest to the highest levels.

“We have led officials to establish Party cells capable of all-round leadership,” he told the congress as he shared the lessons learnt by the province.

The province has attached great importance to training personnel and cadres up to qualified standards to lead work at the village level in several areas. Provincial authorities have trained Party secretaries and heads of villages to lead local people in implementing Party guidelines and state socio-economic development plans at the village level.

Leaders of village-united fronts, youth representatives, presidents of village women’s unions, and heads of village security groups have also been trained to effectively implement activities under their responsibility.

Heads of village mediation units have been trained to take charge of mediating and addressing any disputes occurring within their community. The province has focused on training heads of village development funds to enable them to effectively manage such funds and the release of loans for productive purposes.

After implementing the Party’s formula, Dr Lien said, “We have overcome the past weaknesses and moved towards a consolidated and solid foundation.”

The concept has been implemented in association with the Party’s initiative of establishing village development groups to lead the people to undertake development activities.

Regarding the establishment of village development groups, Xayaboury province has focused on upgrading the knowledge and competence of leaders at the grass-roots level to lead the development of several areas of work, including the establishment of agricultural and animal husbandry demonstration centres to transfer more modern techniques to farmers.

Such positive outcomes have prevailed as the Party continues to enshrine the initiative in its future guidelines.

Delivering the political report of the 8th Party Central Committee to the 9th Party Congress, Secretary General of the Party Choummaly Sayasone stressed the importance of further strengthening the Party’s organisational system at the grass-roots level and enlarging the Party’s foundation to ensure strong leadership into the future.


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