Rule-of-law state is the government’s focal duty

By Somsack Pongkhao
March 20, 2011

The National Assembly (NA) is committed to enhancing its role in the next five years to gradually create a state governed by the rule of law for the benefit of all Lao people.

With this goal, the assembly will concentrate on enacting laws in response to the need for national socio-economic development in conformity with the market mechanism in the era of international integration.

Vice President of the NA Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane presented the strategy in a report on Friday during the Ninth Party Congress in Vientiane.

He said the NA would concentrate on improving its structure and activities, including increasing the number of standing NA members in provinces to fulfill the assembly’s duties.

The assembly will also focus on improving collaborative mechanisms with other sectors to enhance its role.

Over the past five years, the assembly has approved 50 laws, bringing the total number of Lao laws to more than 90, a major step towards widening the rule of law.

Of the 50 laws approved, 29 are new and the rest are amendments in response to political and developmental needs of the country, enabling Laos to better integrate its economy with the region and world.

NA members visited more than 2,000 locations over the past five years to disseminate information on the achievements of the assembly, with the total number of people informed am ounting to more than 627,000.

Members also disseminated information about the Party’s policies to ensure more people understand them and recognise the assembly as their representative body within the framework of policy.

“Since Laos has a policy to build a state governed by the rule of law, we attach great importance to the task of improving the people’s democratic state,” he said.

“With a rule-of-law state, the population will be able to fully exercise their rights and obligations, ensuring equality before the law.”

Despite the many laws enacted, law enforcement is not sufficiently effective, causing wrongdoers to continue to violate them, he said. “It’s important to strongly enforce the laws and ensure everyone acts under them to create a just society.”

One of the key achievements in the past five years has been the establishment of the State Inspection Organisation, which has played an important role in inspecting the use of national budget in Vientiane and the provinces.

During the 10th NA Session of the Sixth Legislature last December, the State Inspection Organisation unveiled several sectors that failed to supply state service fees into the national budget.

The NA is the legislative body of the Lao government, and plays an important role in making decisions on fundamental issues of the nation and overseeing the performance of the executive body, people’s Supreme Court and Prosecutor.

In this role, the assembly is a body trusted by the people enabling them to voice concerns on issues of development and transparency within the state administration.


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