Agro-Forestry sector enhance Party inspection

by Phetsamone
March 17, 2011

The National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute

(KPL) The National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute held a training course on Party inspection in agricultural and forestry sector on 16 March 2011.

Present at the opening ceremony of the training were Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Sitaheng Ratsaphon, and the Party Inspection Committee member, Mr. khamsouan Chanthavong.

“As we all know that party inspection is very important and it is included in the responsibilities of the Party. The Communist party uphold the Marxist-Leninist theories and enshrine them in their ideological education and the resolution to social shortcomings that threaten the Party power,” said Mr. Sitahang.

The minister urged the participants to pay greater attention to Party inspection at all levels and create favourable condition for their Party inspection committee to fulfil their duties, especially through ensuring their solidarity, firmly grasping ideology, promoting their nationalism, and encourage the participation of all relevant sectors for Party inspection.

He urged the trainees to apply what they learn at the training to their day-to-day work through proper considerations.

The trainee is aimed at equipping the participants with knowledge on law on Party inspection, law on corruption, law on plant quarantine, law on forestry and law on water animals, law on animal husbandry and veterinary affairs, among others.


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