More than 70 per cent of households access electricity

March 16, 2011

The 'Electricité du Laos' logo

(KPL) More than 70 per cent of Lao people nationwide are presently accessible to electricity thanks to the intention of Electricite du Laos in the materialization of resolution of the 8th Party Congress.

The Electricite du Laos has earned more than US$15 million per year from export electricity.

‘Our company ‘Electricite du Laos’ played an important role to the system of national economy based on the implementation of resolution of 8th Party Congress. The most outstanding achievement was the development of electricity industry,’ Director of Lao Electricity State Enterprise, Mr Khammany Inthilath said this week.

In 2006, Laos had only nine hydropower plants with production capacity of 3,500 million kilowatts yearly and was able to supply to 45 per cent of population.

Now, Laos has built fourteen hydropower dams with capacity production of 11,000 million kilowatts per year, 2,558 million kilowatts of which was supplied to domestic consumption.

Mr. Khammani said that the Electricite du Laos was able to supply electricity to 782,500 families, accounting for 72.67 per cent countrywide.

Now, there are five joint investment projects worth US$1,800 million spending on investment in hydropower development and transmission line in the country.

He added that we have so far attracted more than US$1,150 million for rural electricity expansion, sub-stations and construction of hydropower dams.


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