Houaphanh to further expand electricity network to rural areas

February 21, 2011

The 'Electricité du Laos' logo

(KPL) The ‘Electricite du Laos’ is now undertaking a plan of expansion of electricity network to three more rural districts of Houameuang, Viengthong and Samtay to address the current insufficient supply of electricity in northeastern Houaphanh province.

The import volume of electricity from Vietnam was just only 2 megawatts while the real figure of electricity consumption has increased to 3 megawatts.

Facing the problem, the Electricite du Laos has decided to borrow US$11 million loan from the Chinese government for expanding a 22-KV electricity network from Samneua district to Houameuang and Viengthong districts, and Namsouai-Nameo checkpoint to Samtay district.

The plan for expanding electricity network to rural areas was discussed at last week’s meeting in Houaphanh province following a survey of electricity consumption.

The survey has found that the rate of electricity consumption was quite low. An authority of the Houaphanh branch of the Electricite du Laos said, ‘in 2010, the electricity supply was beneficial to 1,700 households in 208 villages of Houaphanh province. This figure accounts for about 38 per cent of the total population of Houaphanh.

The current consumption rate of electricity in Houaphanh is quite low if compared to the government’s national strategy aimed at covering 70 per cent in 2015 and in 2020 going up to 90 per cent of households nationwide.

The low rate consumption of electricity in Houaphanh province is attributed to the limited fund for expanding the electricity network to rural districts. The mountainous terrain constitutes a barrier for expanding the power grid to rural remote areas.

Moreover, the difficult communication system is a necessary to use high investment in installation.

The course of the transmission line has encroached people’s land. In the face of the problem, the enterprise will not give the compensation and called on affected people to make a contribution to the development of the province.

The expansion of electricity network in Houaphanh province is in pursuit of the government’s strategy on electricity network till 2015.


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