States enterprises are satisfactory with economic conditions

February 14, 2011

(KPL) The states enterprises have expressed satisfaction with their economic conditions, according to the recent survey of Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has surveyed the general conditions of 387 companies in 13 provinces nationwide. The survey has found that more than 90 per cent of state enterprises have shown their satisfaction with the current economic conditions, which seem to be at good environments.

The survey has also found that the states enterprises have improved but they have had low profits in the middle of last year.

The income of the state enterprises soared by 34 per cent and 30 per cent of profits has also increased.

The income of construction business sector was the top rank, but the value transaction of energy and gas tend to decrease currently. But their profit reported to increased.

The income of forest industry, fishery and commerce sectors have moved upward but their profits turned down.

The profit and revenue of accommodation and food service sectors have tended to increase compared to the same period was slow.

However, the survey of six in thirteen provinces saw the profits of their business have improved, especially Oudomsay, Houaphanh and Sayaboury provinces.

The business conductions of Luang Prabang and Champassak provinces are stable.

Meanwhile, Savannakhet was the worst province because the operation of businesses has not moved smoothly. Moreover it saw to decrease.

The sector of export increased by 22 per cent and 20 per cent of decrease, which seems the export sector, has not recovered.

This was the third survey, which the first conducted in mid-2009 aimed at assessing the impact of global finance crisis to the local business.


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