Viengthong spends large fund on improving education quality

February 8, 2011

Children at Viengthong elementary school.

(KPL) Viengthong Education Service of Houaphanh province will spend 2.6 billion kip on the building of nine schools in accordance with the next five-year plan (2010-2015), phase 3.

The construction of schools is one of the three objectives of this northeastern province of giving chance to rural children to get access to basic education, improving the quality of education and managing education.

These schools will also support the increasing number of students in the future. Last year, Viengthong district spent 1.5 billion kip on the construction of seven schools, 549 million of which was provided by the Government, 983 million kip of foreign aid, and 54 million kip of local support.

The new seven schools are Meuangkao village (a primary and secondary school), Daoheuang secondary, Bouanfam secondary school, Nampoung secondary school, Meuanghiem primary school and Meuanghiem secondary school.

Viengthong district has 74 schools including nine kindergartens, 65 primary and secondary schools.


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