Number of poor families in Sangthong drops sharply

February 7, 2011

(KLP) The number of poor families in Sangthong district, Vientiane Capital, classified as one of the 47 poorest districts in the Lao PDR, has sharply fallen thanks to the attention of local authorities in the creation of plans for slash-and-burn cultivation elimination and land allocation, so far.

Over the past five years, the authorities have applied five procedures to fight against poverty in the district. The first step was to prepare documents of degrees, directives, resolutions, rules, surveys, technical staff, action plans, facilities and financial support.

The second was to disseminate the focal degrees, directive, resolution, rules to local people in order to make them understand profoundly the objective of the government and involve them in the poverty reduction programme.

The third step was to set three team works to collect information and land measuring to allocate land and forest to the locals for management. They have surveyed the biodiversity protection areas to allocate the following types of forests: protected, production and consumption forests.

Fourthly, Sangthong district has drafted regulation on the use of agricultural land and forest and allocated lands to villagers for management and use.

On the last step, Sangthong district has completed allocation of land for 592 families for agricultural production, established producing and conserving groups. They have also been equipped with credit loan of 32.9 billion kip. The loans have been given to animal raising and agriculture plantation sectors.

More than 700 families having low income of less than ten thousand kip a day, also have received loan for the plantation of maize, rubber trees, animal feeding, farming, organic rice farming, cassava plantation and mulberry plantation.

The implementation of the five above procedures has decreased the number of poor people in Santhong district, Vientiane Capital, to 40 from 1,711 poor families.

One reason that brought down the number of poor people thanks to the geographical location of Sangthong district, which is suitable for agriculture.


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