President urges union to further women’s rights

By Souksakhone Vaenkeo
January 7, 2011

President Choummaly Sayasone presents his speech.

President Choummaly Sayasone yesterday called on the Lao Women’s Union (LWU) to work harder over the coming years to promote the rights of women and children throughout Laos.

The president made the statement at the opening of the 6th Nationwide Meeting of the LWU in Vientiane, shortly after LWU President Ms Sisay Leudetmounsone delivered her opening remark.

The two-day meeting will discuss and approve the next five-year roadmap (2011-15) to further enhance the union’s mandate in promoting the rights of women and children.

Some 353 representatives will also elect a new administrative committee of the union, which will assume a five-year term to supervise implementation of the roadmap, which is scheduled to be approved at the meeting today.

To provide guidance to the new administrative committee in leading the LWU in fulfilling its mandate, President Choummaly highlighted areas for the union to focus on.

“The union and Lao women must strive to develop themselves and strengthen their mandate to educate all Lao women on Party policy, guidance and state laws,” he told the meeting.

This will make Lao women realise the role they play in national development and provide them with a feeling of full ownership of the nation, he noted.

President Choummaly, who is also Party Secretary General, suggested the union collaborate with relevant sectors to formulate plans to train female officials in line with Party and government directives.

Also, the LWU must formulate projects and plans to improve education, scientific knowledge and technical know-how amongst women through various forms to enable them to develop, he said.

Regarding skills training, the president instructed the union to create favourable conditions for women to attend vocational training courses so that they can easily find employment and earn a living.

The president reiterated that the LWU must continue to carry out its mandate as the representative of the rights of Lao women, stressing the need to develop officials at the union to enable it to fulfil its mandate.

“The union must pay attention to improving its role, scope of responsibility and working method,” he said.

In addition, the president called for the participation of the union’s administrative committee in decision-making.

“The union’s committees at all levels must actively participate in discussions and the sharing of views regarding the formulation and amendment of Party policy and guidance, state laws and regulations and socio-economic development plans, especially in areas regarding the rights of women and children,” he said.

The meeting will also review the performance of the union from 2006-2010, discuss newly-amended regulations, debate a new logo for the union and evaluate the performance of the outgoing administrative committee over the past five years, Ms Sisay said.

Ms Sisay delivered two draft reports at the meeting yesterday, summarising the last five years and outlining plans for the five years.

President of the Lao Front for National Construction Sisavath Keobounphanh, President of the National Assembly Pany Yathortou and other invited guests also attended the meeting.


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