Champassak to lift over 2,000 families off poverty

January 5, 2011

Champassak, Laos

(KPL) Champassak province will further improve the living conditions of more than 2,000 families who live under poverty line.

Office Head of the Grass-root Building and Rural Development of Champassak province, Mr. Onekeo Bounthavongsinh disclosed late last month that poverty reduction was an important and challenging work for the Provincial Party Cell because we have still faced budget shortage for infrastructure construction.

On the other hand, the agricultural production of local people is still reliant on nature and short of up-to-date technical advances, he continued.

Presently there are 2,372 families classified as poor in this southernmost province, estimated at 2.23 per cent. Most of them have lacked accommodations and farmland. Moreover they have no access to primary public services, lack medicines and scholarship.

He added that under the resolution of 6th Provincial Party Congress 2011, Champassak province would make all efforts to alleviate poverty among target people in two poorest districts of Soukkhouma and Bachiengchaleunsouk, which are listed as the poorest districts out of the 46 districts countrywide.

Mr. Onekeo has further stated that first of all, we would strengthen the local organisations, land allocation and fixed jobs for local people and development of agricultural production via training courses for farmers.

The plan will concentrate on training local technical officials, promoting market-oriented production with the help of processing and marketing means.

‘We will also concentrate on establishing village revolving funds in order to step forward to credit cooperatives and increase savings among local people and focus on investment in necessary construction of infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, roads and electricity,’ he highlighted.


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