Over 400 projects for poverty reduction

January 1, 2011

(KPL) The Poverty Reduction Fund will further speed up the implementation of 449 projects in the coming year after more than 900,000 people in seven provinces have received direct and indirect benefits.

For seven years of establishment, the Poverty Reduction Fund mainly focuses on the development of service and social infrastructure.

‘There are a lot of works and challenges that it needs hands to work together,’ Mr Bounkwang Souvannaphanh, called on Deputy Director of Poverty Reduction Fund last week.

The Poverty Reduction Fund was established in 2002, with the aim of developing service and social infrastructure and reducing poverty among people in rural areas and development focal areas.

It also provides capacity and empowers communities to make a plan and local decision making to implement and manage projects. The Poverty Reduction Fund also concentrates on improving the local public administration at the village level and awareness raising among local people on natural resource preservation for sustainability.

Over the past seven years, the PRF’s projects have been carried out in over 2,000 villages of 28 poorest districts in seven provinces with the coverage of 900,000 people who received direct and indirect benefits from PRF’s projects.

Infrastructure in seven districts: Aid, Sabbao in Houaphanh province, Kham in Xiengkhouang province, Pathoumphone and Khong in Champassak province, and Toumlam in Saravane province, has been improved. The PRF has spent 259 billion kip on 2,885 sub-projects. Of the spending, 48 billion kip, accounting for 16% of the total investment, was contributed by locals.

Next year, about 449 projects will be further conducted with a total fund of 46 billion kip, of which 5.7 billion kip or equivalent to 12 per cent.


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