Almost 200 households in Oudomsay access to clean water

December 29, 2010

Oudomsay province in Laos

(KPL) Almost 200 households in villages of La district, Oudomsay province, have accessed to clean water supply after completing the construction of two gravity-fed water facilities.

The construction of the gravity fed water supply project in Houakeng village, La district, Oudomsay province, started in March 2009 and completed in April. This gravity-fed water supply facility with a production capacity of 12,000 litres has 10 water taps able to feed clean water to 80 houses, 93 households, a school and a dispensary with 405 people.

The gravity-fed water facility in Houakeng village are worth 38 million kip – covered by grant aid by the Rural Development Project for People’s Poverty Reduction after the local residents have given up the opium poppy cultivation. The local people also contributed woods, sand and stone, worth over 30 million kip, to the construction of Houakeng gravity-fed water supply project.

While the construction of another gravity-fed water facility in Houai Chai village, La district, Oudomsay province, started in June and finished a month later. This gravity-fed water facility can supply clean water to 70 households with 86 families and 362 people, and a school.

The facility at Houai Chai village has an installed capacity of 20,000 litres with 12 taps.

The facilities built with cooperation of the Clean Water Sector and District Public Health Service were handed over in a ceremony held in La district on 27 December.


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