Savannakhet further builds self-reliant communities

December 20, 2010

A few years ago this land in Savannakhet, Lao PDR was contaminated with duds from cluster bombs. After clearance, it is now a productive farm and home.

(KPL) The Agriculture and Forestry Service of Savannakhet province and Bamboo Shoot Association in Savannakhet province signed a MoU on furthering the establishment of self-reliant communities.

The project is aimed mainly at enhancing capacity building of village authorities, the provision of medical health care for communities and ensuring food security for poor people, according to Director of the Bamboo Shoot Association, Mr. Amphone Souvannalath.

He said that the project’s activities included the installation of drug kits, vocational training on rice and cash crop cultivation, training for village veterinarians and the provision of educational equipment, health education and helping local people gain an access to basic facilities such as gravity-fed water. Signatories to the document were Director of the Agriculture and Forestry Service of Savannakhet province, Mr. Vilaysouk Khenthavong, and Director of the Bamboo Shoot Association of Savannakhet province, Mr. Amphone Souvannalath.

‘The self-reliant community project phase 1 was implemented between 2007 and 2009 and we now are continuing phase 2 for January 2010-December 2012,’ said Mr. Amphone.

The project activities for the second phase are being implemented in 13 village clusters in Thapangthong district with an estimated funding of over USD 93,000.


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