More than 500 schools access to Internet

December 19, 2010

(KPL) More than five hundred schools nationwide are currently accessible to ‘free internet’, thanks to the support of the Star Telecom or Unitel.

This was a project of the Unitel-phase 1 ‘Internet to school’, which was the worth of US$3 million with the aim to promote education among teachers and students.

The signing ceremony of handover minute for Internet to school project-phase 1 between Star Telecom and Ministry of Education was held at the National Culture Hall, last Friday.

The Unitel’s installation of Internet to school project is now completed by 50 per cent.

One year-phase 1 project, the Unitel completed to install the Internet system access to 500 schools and educational institutes countrywide, in which 363 schools, universities and colleges, 13 educational institutes and 124 educational district services.

Mr Oulaha Thongvanha, Chairman of Executive Board of Unitel said that the company would further carry out the installation of Internet access to more than 500 schools countrywide, which aimed to the promotion of learning and teaching through Internet system among students in rural areas.

Signatories to the document were Mr Oulaha and Mr Sengsomphone Vilavoud, Director of Planning and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education.


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